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Seen: November at OpenGrounds

To recap: November events at OpenGrounds raised provocative and unusual questions that delved into global politics, pop culture, and the status of design thinking at UVA. Thanks to Hack Cville and the Fralin Museum of Art, OpenGrounds' white walls were brought to life with art exhibitions and music by the UVA Viola Ensemble filled the air. All photos taken by Scott Miller except where noted. 

UVA students during forum

The Global Inquirer's first live podcast raised the question: "Innovation or Digital Colonization: What's behind Facebook's plan to connect the whole world?"

People working together

The CIO Float hosted a welcoming and multidisciplinary creative space in which anyone could share a finished artistic work or make something new.

Presentation speaker

Artist Ben Sisto's multimedia presentation reflected 10 years of research into the question: who really did let the dogs out?

UVA ensemble playing

A performance by UVA's Viola Ensemble.  

Art wall images

Portraits of Woolen Mills residents captured by Ryan Jones, a 4th-year and a featured artists in The Corner Photo Showcase co-hosted by Hack CVille, Student Hip Hop Organization, Photo Club @UVA, Grounds on Grounds Coffee Club, and OpenGrounds. (Photo by Ashley Duffalo)


A group of faculty came together to share how they're using design thinking in their role at the university to advance their discipline. 

OpenGrounds wall art

OpenGrounds' walls were graced by colorful artworks made by young artists from the Boys & Girls Club involved in the Fralin Museum's Early Visions program. (Photo by Ashley Duffalo)