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Grounded: Humans of OpenGrounds - Dominick Giovanniello


A recipient of the prestigious Boren scholarship to study abroad in Jordan last year, Dom knows a bit about connecting, collaborating and creating. He is a fourth year studying Global Security and Justice and Arabic. I sat down with him in our first edition of Grounded: Humans of OpenGrounds, to discuss his passions, time in Jordan and what excites him about OpenGrounds.


UVA Creativity and Innovation Highlighted at ACCelerate Festival

From October 13–15 UVA will be participating in the ACCelerate Festival at the Smithsonian Museum of American History in Washington D.C. As an effort to think beyond an athletic conference as the only common denominator, this festival is focused on presenting the wealth of creativity and innovation that is taking place at all the ACC Schools.

OpenGrounds Hosts UVA Medical Design

Today at OpenGrounds, UVA Medical Design had the first of a series of design thinking workshops. Matt Trowbridge, Associate Professor at UVA School of Medicine and David Chen, Program Director at UVA-Coulter led the workshop. The session tackled a set of human centered design principles and focused on developing proficiency in skills that are essential for medical designers. The event was lively and students came up with some very interesting ideas using design thinking.

Anson Parker

A Humans of OpenGrounds Feature by Thrisha Potluri

Whether it’s a short-lived stint running for City Council, managing a furniture and carpentry venture, or building websites for the University’s libraries, Anson Parker is a regular fixture in the Charlottesville community.  A jack-of-all-trades, Parker is also a frequenter of OpenGrounds. Perhaps you’ve seen him around or his creations — the podium made out of a tree stump or the disconcerting coffee mug tree constructed from discarded railway nails and spikes.

OpenGrounds Holds IDEAmixer event

[]On Thursday, January 22, OpenGrounds held its first IDEAmixer, an eventful evening comprising of short presentations of projects, research, art, and business ideas from across the Grounds. The series of one-minute pitch-style presentations was followed by a social hour over refreshments and music. Curated by UVA's unpredictable David Touve, the evening personified OpenGrounds' very mission by bringing people from varying and unrelated backgrounds to discuss interesting, remarkable ideas.

Join the Discussion at our Open Table

Open Table discussions at the OpenGrounds Corner Studio provide space for University professors, Charlottesville professionals, and visiting speakers to share their expertise and dialogue with the Charlottesville community. These conversations typically last about 1-2 hours, and stimulate interdisciplinary conversation beyond the university classroom. We have had several in the past weeks, including discussions Food Aid policy in American government, and Art, Contemplation and Wellness.

Science in the Lives of Students: A Particle Physicist's Endeavor

Ajinkya Kamat is a Ph.D. candidate at U.Va. specializing in Particle Physics who has just joined the OpenGrounds Science Straight Up project, a new initiative that OpenGrounds has adopted aiming to promote informal conversation and dialogue about exciting scientific ideas in Charlottesville. Kamat will be speaking at the OpenGrounds studio Nov.