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faculty and staff

Engagement at The Corner Studio

Through Open Table discussions, class meetings, research presentations, and more, faculty from across the university engage with the unique resources and opportunities that OpenGrounds has to offer. Our Open Hours offer a venue for office hours, group meetings, and informal interactions with students. 

Class Meetings

Faculty bring their classes toThe Corner Studio for class sessions, especially those that include group work or presentations. Contact us, via the reservation page, if you would like to schedule a class session at The Corner Studio.  

Open Table Discussions

For faculty who are looking to engage a diverse group around their research interests, Open Table discussions offer the perfect opportunity for conversation. We can help connect you to a university-wide audience for a boundary-crossing conversation in your area of research expertise. Contact us if you are interested in learning more about organizing an Open Table.

Research Presentations

The Corner Studio offers a flexible and engaging environment for research presentations, ranging from musical performances to audio-visual presentations, multi-day conferences, and more. Contact us if you are interested in presenting your research to a cross disciplinary audience at The Corner Studio.