vonage challenge 2012

the future of social messaging
concept competition

Vonage and OpenGrounds invite UVA undergraduates, graduate students and post-docs to submit the most innovative ideas for the next generation of social messaging. Technical and non-technical submissions are welcome. Now is your chance to imagine and present your ideas for the future of messaging, including, but not limited to new platforms, interfaces, media, apps or hardware.


1st . $15,000
2nd . $7,000
3rd . $3,000

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Social messaging dates back to the earliest times when Neanderthals drew on walls as a way of communicating an idea to other people. Since then it has evolved into many forms and is implemented over various media. Beyond the confines of the desktop or laptop, mobile messaging has truly transformed the way we communicate. Though text based SMS, the first mobile messaging service, is still widely popular, new channels based on smartphones and IP data streams allowed for another burst of evolution and expansion of features including image and location sharing, and video and audio clips. A user's identity can cross between messaging services and be linked to his or her mobile phone number or social network account.






Social messaging has created cultural and behavioral changes that are shaping our world, and continues to drive technological advances, geopolitical trends, and group interactions and dynamics.

What do you think the next evolutionary step will be?


Vonage Research
Opportunity on Virality

OpenGrounds and Vonage, a leading telecommunications corporation, invite faculty and graduate students apply to be part of a multi-disciplinary group to investigate the phenomenon of the viral spread of information as a distinct characteristic of instantaneous global communication.


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