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In the early years of the University of Virginia, the academic year concluded with "Public Day", when the students would present their research to the public, inviting the community to the grounds to share in the fruits of their studies. The tradition faded away in the mid-nineteenth century, but in 2014, the university began the revival of the tradition. Today's Public Days includes an an annual exhibition and reception on the Lawn and community partner events to make the scholarly and creative accomplishments of UVA students visible to the larger public.

Public Days 2016

Public Days Showcase on the Lawn: Monday, April 11, 3 – 5 pm

Public Days at the Tom Tom Founder's Festival (UVA Innovator of the Year event): Wednesday, April 13, 5 – 6 pm at The Paramount
Public Days at Northside Library: Saturday, April 16, 2:30 – 4:30pm
Public Days Posters on Display at the UVA Libraries: April 18 – 21, 2016


The annual Public Days showcase brings together a remarkable range of leading-edge exploratory work, from medicine, the arts, computer technology, architectural design, wellness, healthcare, and many more. Exceptional projects are highlighted across the University's undergraduate, graduate and post-doc students.


Public Day 2016

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Public Day 2015

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Public Day 2014

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At UVA we have hundreds of projects, thousands of students, and cutting edge facilities. With ideas ranging from global immersive experience to ground-breaking scholarship, UVA students have produced work with global impact. Schools and universities around the world are starting programs similar to this UVA tradition. The idea of Public Day is to highlight these student achievements that have already impacted thousands of lives.

Each year students participate in events around the University to compete with the best and brightest for the top spots. Public Day would give the public and the University community the opportunity to see the outstanding scholarship and the powerful student ideas behind them. Scholarship, research, and creative work from undergraduate and graduate students

across Grounds as well as the results of university-wide opportunities will be presented and displayed during Public Day at OpenGrounds to highlight the outstanding activities occurring around the university. Capstone projects from each school will be represented, as well as various winners of university-wide programs, such as Harrison Awards, Jefferson Public Citizens, OpenGrounds Challenges, and business plan competitions.

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