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OpenGrounds recently hosted a program, Design Thinking Pecha Kucha, which brought together multidisciplinary faculty to share notes on how they're using design thinking to advance work in their respective areas of a

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Looking back at OpenGrounds' October events, the calendar reflects a broad range of talks, classes, meetings, and readings. However, it was the evening performances that really lit up the space.

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To recap: November events at OpenGrounds raised provocative and unusual questions that delved into global politics, pop culture, and the status of design thinking at UVA.

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From October 13–15 UVA will be participating in the ACCelerate Festival at the Smithsonian Museum of American History in Washingt

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Just as OpenGrounds fosters collaboration, interdisciplinary research, and innovation, the interns who work there mirror this same sentiment. Ten in total, the OpenGrounds intern team is a curious, creative, and resourceful group whose backgrounds and interests span across disciplines.

The History of a Hook: "Who Let the Dogs Out?"

During the winter of 2010, artist Ben Sisto noticed something: a missing citation on the Wikipedia entry for the song Who Let the Dogs Out?. He did a little digging that lead to a London-based hairdresser and steel drum aficionado who recalled some facts that contradicted other information on the Wikipedia article. Nearly eight years later, Sisto is the (self appointed) world's leading expert on Who Let the Dogs Out?.

UVA at ACCelerate Festival

Earlier this month OpenGrounds organized and facilitated UVA's contribution to the ACCelerate Creativity and Innovation Festival 2017, copresented by Virginia Tech and th