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Connecting emerging initiatives

OpenGrounds renews the promise of Jefferson's concept of the Academical Village in contemporary terms, in order to meet the rapid transformations in contemporary research, scholarship, and practice. OpenGrounds provides a new space, both physical and intellectual, for experimentation, risk-taking, and boundary-crossing exploration; carries forward the university’s original spirit of innovation through programs, places, and partnerships; catalyzes new approaches to important challenges; and inspires new collaborations across and beyond the “Grounds.”



Since its launch in 2012, OpenGrounds has engaged students and faculty from all of the university’s schools and disciplines to build both internal and external partnerships, between museums, government, innovative corporations, scholars, and entrepreneurs.  It has inspired new directions in research, performance, design, and public service, connecting unlikely collaborators and creative partners.  Attracting national attention and inquiry from many quarters, OpenGrounds is a signal of the university’s forward-looking vision and an engine to translate inspiring intentions into actions with impact.

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