OpenGrounds is a space, a resource, and an opportunity; a network of collaboration, communication, and innovation.


OpenGrounds connects the University, the Charlottesville community and global partners to develop the knowledge, tools, and behaviors that will shape the future.


Inspiring action across boundaries within and beyond the University, OpenGrounds builds creative, collaborative partnerships between individuals and institutions to generate innovative solutions for critical societal needs.


The fundamental changes that are taking place globally reflect an unprecedented speed of technological and social transformation. They are coupled with the explosive impact of new models of thought and tools for understanding that suggest parallels with the Renaissance in Europe and the rise of global industrialization.

Universities, among the most enduring institutions of the last millenium, transform as well during these periods of rapid change. OpenGrounds is accelerating the University of Virginia's leadership in taking on the challenges of this new era, to develop the knowledge, tools and behaviors that will shape the future.
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New Grounds

Thomas Jefferson designed the University's Academical Village to encourage close collaboration and creativity amoung students and faculty members. OpenGrounds is a modern manifestation of Jefferson's founding principles, as it encourages collaborative, cross-disciplinary work across the University. OpenGrounds connects scholars, researches, artists, and external partners in ways that will generate innovative results.

— Teresa A. Sullivan, President

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