opengrounds leadership

Bill Sherman,
Founding Director

Bill Sherman is an architect and educator, whose work focuses on building connections, creating spaces for collaboration, work and dwelling that create strong ties to the environmental and cultural context. His work has been published internationally and he has received numerous awards for teaching and practice. At UVA, he has served as Chair of the Department of Architecture and Landscape Architecture and Associate Dean of the School of Architecture.



Lindsey Hepler,
Associate Director

Lindey is an educator and intersdisciplinary thinker whose teaching and cross-disciplinary projects explore the intersections of the arts, contemplation, and creativity to reveal their potential to transform
higher education. She is a lecturer in Arts Administration and has co-taught "Arts in Context" courses on The Arts and Education, The Arts and Public Policy, The Arts and Spirituality and The Arts and Athletics (forthcoming).


Angela Nemecek,
Program Manager

Angela is a higher education professional interested in forging collaborative partnerships within and outside of the university to transform teaching, research, and writing. As a member of the Disability Access Committee, she advocates for accessible, lifelong learning throughout UVA and participates in a variety of service projects related to re-imagining university culture. With an educational and teaching background in literature and writing, Angela comes to OpenGrounds after two years as the Program Administrator for the Institute of the Humanities and Global Cultures.



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