student interns

OpenGrounds offers an interdisciplinary and flexible internship to both undergraduate and graduate students. OpenGrounds student interns play a vital role in the cultivation and expansion of the OpenGrounds network among students. Each intern takes on a specific project related to their skills and interests; and all interns plan events, staff open hours, and manage the space.

Responsibilities include:

- Staffing Open Hours : interns as the primary point of contact for visitors in the space and curate the experience to optimize opportunities for collaboration and serendipitous interaction;

- Helping with events in The Corner Studio;


- Envisioning and implementing a project based on your skills and interests and the needs and priorities of OpenGrounds;

- Serving as an advocate for OpenGrounds by encouraging others to visit The Corner Studio and to engage in the opportunities we provide.

We are not currently accepting new interns. However, if you are interested in joining the intern team in the future, please do let us know.

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