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OpenGrounds Health Innovation Challenge

1st Place TruFood, $15,000
An app that would provide detailed information about food at the point-of-sale.

Kathleen Lavelle, Isabel Preciao and Enrique Cavalier, a team of third- and fourth-year students from the School of Architecture.

2nd Place Sportakus, $7,000
A role-playing game that puts the player in charge of the gladiator, Sportakus, and offers in-game rewards for meeting fitness goals.

Jacob Manley, Benjamin Nowak and Kevin McVey, an interdisciplinary team of fourth-year students.


3rd Place MyPlace, $3,000
An app that would provide holistic rankings of the health of a community based on nine different factors.

Megan Watson, Sydna Mundley, Todd Stovall and Chris Wallace, School of Architecture.

Runners-up, offered paid summer internships with Hearst

First-year student Mary Kate Skalitsky was recognized for her concept, "Playground Town," a pedometer-based computer game.

Third-year student Katie Bailey was commended for her presentation skills as well as her idea, "The Water Gap," which would help individuals monitor their water consumption and become more aware of water usage as a global health issue.

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Selection process,
finalists and judges

Ninety-three students on 71 teams competed for the prize money. Drawn from eight schools and 36 departments, the students ranged from first-years to post-docs. Their ideas were reviewed by judges from both U.Va. and Hearst, including business-development leaders and health care professionals.

Twenty students spanning 11 finalist teams presented their concepts to a panel of judges in a closed session on Nov. 18. The panel included Malloch as well as several of his colleagues from Hearst: Ellen Koskinas, managing


director of the Healthcare Venture Fund; Justin Graham, chief innovation officer for healthcare; and Kenneth A. Bronfin, senior managing director of Hearst Ventures. Panelists from U.Va. included Thomas C. Skalak, vice president for research; Wendy Cohn, associate professor of biomedical informatics; and Sharon Krueger, director of strategic partnerships for UVA Innovation.

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First Place team, TruFoods

Rich Malloch, President
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Audience and press attending awards ceremony

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