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challenge 2013

How can we help people
make better choices about
their own health?

How is your chance to imagine the games, biometric devices, clinical tools, and social networks that could drive people to be accountable for their own health and live disease-free. Hearst and OpenGrounds invite UVA undergraduates, graduate students, and post-docs to submit the most innovative ideas to build a healthier society, one at a time or together.

Proposals may include concepts ranging from health awareness, monitoring and psychological factors, to life


choices such as food, exercise, environment, and education. Undergraduate and graduate students and post-docs from all schools and disciplines are encouraged to participate.


1st . $15,000
2nd . $7,000
3rd . $3,000

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Student Health Attitudes Survey

Hearst Business Media is hoping to learn more about how young people think about and make decisions about their own health. OpenGrounds and Hearst Business Media are working with Survey Monkey on a survey to gain insight into college age attitudes toward health and health care. This survey will provide a common information resource for those involved in the competition, as well as an interesting window into the beliefs, practices, and motivations of the age group.

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