fall 2014

Stories from OpenGrounds

Eileen Chou and the Coffee Shop Effect
A professor of Public Policy in the Batten School has chosen an exciting question to answer her latest research endeavors: “What is it about coffee shops that induces creativity?” Professor Chou’s research focuses on organizational, social and psychological forces... More >


Notable Events

Environmental Humanities Colloquium.

This colloquium facilitated interaction between scholars in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, to stimulating the development of a collaborative research network. Initiatives in the environmental humanities are attracting attention for their potential to foster collaboration


across universities and to incubate forms of transdisciplinary systems. Renewed engagements among natural sciences, social sciences, and the humanities are in turn raising critical questions about the methods and ideas that inform our inherited divisions of intellectual labor. This colloquium provided an initial platform for reflecting on methods and challenges of transdisciplinary projects by considering major projects already underway.

Once Gone Workshop Performance

Octeber 24, 2014 | Abigail Levine, Choreographer and Erik DeLuca, Composer

In Once Gone, Levine and DeLuca create a tightly structured system of sound and movement. The imperfection of the repetition inherent in this system becomes quickly palpable and a central source of the work's resonance. As the piece stretches out over time, the form decays and produces residue. The work speaks of change and disappearance, human effort and what remains after an ending.

Post performance discussion with Katie Schetlick, UVA dance lecturer and Ted Coffey, UVA professor of music composition.

Soundscape Architecture Presentation

September 25, 2014

Professor of Architecture Karen Van Lengen investigates famous and compelling places, deciphering the way in which we experience them. Van Lengen’s investigation dealt with sonic landscapes, which led to her project in the field of “soundscape architecture”. The collection and documentation of various characteristic sounds of places helps her to create audio-visual installations in collaboration with artist James Welty . As in her installation, “Soundscape New York,” the immersive exhibits enhance the experience of the iconic New York City buildings through audio and interpretive animations projected onto a screen. More >

Art and Environmental Action Final Presentations
September 23, 2014

With funding from the Jefferson Trust, These $10,000 scholarships served as the pilot of the OpenGrounds Student Scholars program--providing funding for four exceptional students and three projects. More >


Drawing Attention Workshop
November 1, 2014

As part of the Art, Contemplation and Wellness Initiative, Studio Art Professor Barbara Bernstein led a workshop devoted to encouraging contemplation through various drawing exercises. By training participants to be aware of their actions, however simple they may seem, they were able to have a meditative experience as well as an artistic one. This type of mindfulness allows for improved concentration, sustained attention, enriched self-awareness and confidence.

Institute for the Humanities and Global Cultures GAB Fest

The Graduate Advisory Board coordinated a collaborative conference about Religion and the University. Structured as a series of roundtable discussions, the community gathered to ask difficult questions together.


Zero Space Concert

Produced by the Composition and Computer Technologies Program’s Interactive Media Research Group (IMRG), this one-day conference featured a research forum and a gallery music performance. The events of ZeroSpace explore the theme of distance and interaction, examining how humans interact with one another and with our environment through new technologies. Through partnerships with cultural and education institutions around the world, ZeroSpace envisions a collaborative global network of artists, scholars and technologists.

Open Tables

"Social Architecture: Challenges and Advantages of Small Scale Development Work"
with Line Ramstad,
the 2014-2015 Michael Owen Jones Memorial Lecturer at UVa’s Architecture School.

"The Year After" Reading
with Author Ashley Warner,
Hosted by the Women's Center

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