Changing Views
Art, Contemplation, and Wellness

Essays by David Germano, Klaus Ottmann, Brooke Rosenblatt, JD Talasek, Marcia Day Childress, Jordan Love, Naomi Worth, Barbara Bernstein, Fred Everett Maus, and Bill Sherman
Edited by Lindsey Hepler
ISBN 978-0-9893995-2-4
University of Virginia,
Available February 2016

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The OpenGrounds “Art, Contemplation, and Wellness” Forum Publication presents dynamic and varied perspectives on this theme, featuring work from practitioners, scholars, and students. The publication emerges from a partnership between the University of Virginia, The Phillips Collection, and the National Academy of Sciences, and considers the museum as a meditative space, art as meditation, and the implications of both art and contemplation for human flourishing. The publication includes essays and images that highlight the intersections between aesthetic experience and human wellness, as experienced in the physical space of the museum. It aims to explore both the experience of space and the experience of art within a contemplative framework of understanding, and to demonstrate the role of contemplation in clinical practice and education.


Open Grounds
at the University of Virginia
Link . Learn . Lead . Live

Essays and remarks by William Sherman, Teresa A. Sullivan, Sreemoyee Som, Klaus Ottmann, Marc Lefar, Rich Malloch, Chic Thompson, Michael Levenson, Cameron Mankin, Rita Dove, Anne Chesnut, Alexander Kitchin, Roger Sherry, Lindsey Hepler, and Tom Skalak
Co-Edited by William Sherman and Lindsey Hepler
ISBN 978- 0-9893995-1-7
University of Virgini Press
Available February 2015

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OpenGrounds at the University of Virginia was conceived as a place for action, to translate ideas into initiatives, to connect collaborators who take on the toughest challenges. OpenGrounds is where learning, leadership and linked networks to create better lives for everyone.

Doctors work with architects on health challenges in Africa. Poets collaborate with musicians to find new forms of expression. Lawyers work with sociologists on impediments to democratization in North Africa. Innovative corporate executives challenge creative students to rethink social media and support healthier life choices. All of these collaborations demonstrate how this unique new initiative translates inspiring intentions into actions with impact.



Changing Views
Photography and
Environmental Action

Essays by Finis Dunaway, William Sherman, Brian Richter, Julie Bargmann
Co-Edited by William Sherman, William Wylie, and Lindsey Hepler
ISBN 978-0-9893995-0-0
University of Virginia,
Available August 2013

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Verbal and visual essays from artists and scholars from diverse disciplines reflect upon the connections between perception and action. Weaving together the personal experiences and professional work of its contributors, the publication explores the impact of representations of the landscape, and the ways in which these images can change the dynamics of our work, often opening our eyes to a new set of possibilities. The publication’s essays and images address abstract themes and unite them with concrete examples of the ways in which artists, scholars, and practitioners apply new perceptions and public understandings of the landscape to their own work.

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